The GRAVADA – A Seminal Work Of Modernist Bench-Made Iron Lighting, Authenticated Exclusively Through Roman Thomas

The GRAVADA – A Seminal Work Of Modernist Bench-Made Iron Lighting, Authenticated Exclusively Through Roman Thomas

The ever-incandescent Jane Smith throws some light on the Gravada and Ferran Atelier for Roman Thomas!

Jane here – to hold a torch for the Gravada Standing Lamp, one of a series of designs by the Ferran Atelier offered exclusively through Roman Thomas. A literal standout of Modernist bench-made iron lighting, the Gravada is created to a master’s specifications and is produced by artisans whose grandparents produced the first generation of these lamps.

Of hand-forged iron, strong yet refined, the Gravada is an impressively scaled work that exudes Old World craftsmanship yet brings a sense of timeless tradition to any room, anywhere. The signature hand-stitched parchment shade is available in Classic and Oyster White as well as in laminated silk and genuine hide parchment. It is a fine complement to the distinctive range of Roman Thomas’ exceptional new American furniture.

This particular design is among the earliest models in the collection, dating back to the founding of the Ferran Atelier in 1950 and produced in limited numbers since then. Before returning to Catalunia, the founder had been active in Paris since the early 1930s producing a number of works for and in collaboration with the great decorator Marc du Plantier. Since founding the company, they have rigorously followed the original designs – a masterful melding of proportions and utility throughout, which suits a multitude of aesthetics while remaining true to their own – and just as we at Roman Thomas oversee every detail of our artisan furniture made in NYC, each piece at Ferran is marked to guarantee authenticity.

The Gravada provides three variations, corded for plug-in or hard wired installation. In addition to the Gravada, our selection of Modernist bench-made iron lighting includes a full range of standing, wall and table lamps as well as distinctive pendants, spanning the design timeline of 1950s through the 1980s when the founder passed, continuing to be available for today’s discerning interiors. Drop me a line at and we’ll see what lights up. To the Trade.

Besides being installed in the royal household of Spain, the patron, decorator Marc du Plantier is less well known generally than he might be – born in Madagascar in 1901, his work provides a link between the neo-classical styles of the 1920s and the shift toward abstract forms in the Postwar years. His memorably simple yet opulent output included interiors and showrooms in Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Los Angeles. His designs were often realized in the hand-worked metals that Ferran makes a specialty and were balanced with an interest in natural materials such as stone, wood and wool.

Socially connected and active in artistic circles, Marc du Plantier’s elite clients included Henry Rothschild and Ali Khan as well as commissions to create sets for the Comedie Francaise and furnishings for the French Embassy in Ottawa, Canada – yet the constant effects of war, financial difficulties and the need to find work where he could overshadowed an otherwise brilliant oeuvre.

Yves Badetz’ “Marc du Plantier” is the only monograph on the designer and covers his full career. Available only in French text, it is a comprehensive look at an artist who deserves a much larger audience.

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